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My name is Yvonne, owner of  LeeVonYe Treats


I specialize in creating "a little Piece of happiness" by making everyday desserts unforgettable

I started out trying to perfect making everyday cakes, cookies and pies and then one day my daughter, Monique (my flavor connoisseur), came home  and said mom try out the new craze called Cake Pops.  At first, I thought no way and then we started playing around with them and now they are one of my favorite desserts to make. Now two years later my two granddaughters, Ylonnie and Rene, have joined me in the business.  So it's now a family affair.


Then with much encouragement from family and friends, I started selling not just cakes, cookies, health bars and pies but also cake pops.

I would like to thank you for taking time out of your day to check out LeeVonYe Treats.  When you order desserts from us you can expect that wonderful classic taste coming through

                                                             Yvonne (LeeVonYe Treats)

For personal, family, friends,
business meetings and parties ....

​either way life is a happier place with incredible desserts

LeeVonYe Treats


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